Which is better: STL50/Furrian or Fender MIM tele

Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by wazuwiop, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. wazuwiop

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    Hey agileguitarforumdudes,
    Between now and Christmas I would like to get a tele style guitar. I was wanting some opinions on which is better, a rondo tele or a fender tele. Money isn't an issue. I just want to know which is a better guitar. I play everything, so I need something articulate, but it must be able to withstand some heavy playing when necessary.
    Some major questions I have is:
    Is the pickguard easily swapped on the STL 50's?
    How similar or different are the neck shapes?
    How is the build quality between the two?
    I am kinda new to tele's. Are there any common problems I should be aware of?


  2. t-glo

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    Having had both I can say IMO that I prefer the MIM Fender. The necks are true to fender tele style where as the SX is chunkier. The Sx is great but will need some mods to get it there but is still a very good buy for the money. You would more then likely spend less to mod an sx then buy a new fender but you will have to make up your mind on which way it is you'd want to go. Even a Squier classic vibe:bow::bow: would do you very well and no mods needed ever!!!!!JMHO and that of many others.:bigthumb:
  3. jhdvorsky

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    HUh? Fender - better built.

    A better comparison might be the TC-1200 and the mexi tele.
  4. movedbeatle

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    I would say the MIM is a bit better but deff. not squier at all. You could get a pickguard that fits perfect from TWANG but I got one from GFS and it did not fit without sanding the neck pocket, even then not everthing lined up good.
  5. Pratteman

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  6. Mickey

    Mickey Well-Known Member

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    I had to replace the saddles on my SX STL-50 before the intonation could be set.
    The stock ones are an odd shape that didn't allow enough fore-aft travel.
  7. wazuwiop

    wazuwiop New Member

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    If you could have 1 tele, $500 or cheaper, what would it be.
  8. GypsyHook

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    Although I never got next to the Furian headstock (the only reason I sold it) I thought for $100.00, how can you go wrong? You can't IMHO. Could it compete with my Classic Vibe Tele in finish, fit and hardware? No way. Doesn't matter I would have another STL 50 w/P-90 in a heartbeat if it had the old headstock.
  9. tvvoodoo

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    Other than the one on it's way to me, which will need some work... THIS ONE:

  10. dabbler

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    I have an STL50 and a Squier Affinity tele. Those two are close, but as has been stated if you like chunky necks, go SX. That said, my fav tele is actually my Douglas TL-100. Rondo is out of stock right now, but it is basically this: http://www.rondomusic.com/wf150ta.html but strung through the body and a Furian headstock (well, can't have everything).

    Some don't like the burl, I do, but aside from that, I like the pups better and the bridge is standard size so it is easy to find replacements (although it is a Wilkinson which is good enough for me), or to put an ashtray on it like I did.
  11. wazuwiop

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    What exactly is considered a chunky neck? I have an Epiphone G400 and people tell me that its neck is too chunky for them.
  12. TheJerk

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    The 09 and later MIM standards are *very* nice. I like them a lot more than the SX, much better hardware, fretwork, and electronics (CTS pots, for example). Plus, you can drop in a vintage style bridge, no trouble, if you want. The SX needs holes redrilled and ferrules moved etc etc, a headache. The stock MIM standard pickups weren't what I was after, so I upgraded to Bill Lawrence Keystones, and they are great. I'd also recommend the Fender CS Nocaster pickups or the Original Vintage set, or Toneriders have some sets people really like.

    My tele is my #1, I changed to a vintage bridge, Glendale compensated saddles (these are a bit boutique, you could get by with less expensive saddles), and the pickup swap. The classic vibes are also nice (the classic vibe customs are hot!), but I think the MIM standards and the MIM classic 50s or 60s (depending on what style you like) are an even better guitar.

    Tele issues: The main issues are 1) intonation can be hard without compensated saddles on some teles, 2) the output jack cup is poorly designed and tends to wiggle loose every now and then. The best way to fix this permanently is with an "electrosocket" style replacement, google it or search ebay and you'll find one no problems. I just slathered wood glue all around the retainer clip on mine, and it has been holding good for months, and 3) you may not want to play any other guitars ever again!

    Edit: BTW, you said cash didn't matter, but even with those mods, my tele was under $450 brand spanking new.

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  13. wazuwiop

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    Hmmmm..... that is a lot to think about. I may buy a tele body and throw a strat neck on it. I like strat necks, but not the tuning problems. I like the tele body, but not the neck.
  14. dmitri

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    Based on my experiences with MIMs, I would grab a Classic Vibe Squier. But then I have never owned an SX or Douglas, so I am ignorant with regards to them.
  15. baldy5000

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    i like my MIM better. and it was only 299 new when i got it, alot more money but i love it. That said, modding a STL50 for a total of 300, you could get a real sweet guitar. I like the feel of the fender MIM better though
  16. strumbum

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    My "standard" reply is, go to a local music store, (if you live near one) and give a Fender MIM Tele a test ride. If money in not a problem and ya like it, buy one.

    If you want to buy the "best bang for the buck" try an STL. You can always send it back if you don't like it. There IS an intonation problem with the STLs. $8.00 for stainless steel saddles from "bezdez" on Ebay fixed mine. Other than that, for $100.00 you can't go wrong for a nice tele copy.

    In the end, it's what YOU like that counts.
  17. wazuwiop

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    I may do some sort of crazy Eric Clapton style partscaster thing. I may buy two guitars and make a Telestrat and a Stratotele.
  18. guitaress

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    Classic Vibe all the way!:D
  19. DerDrache

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    Definitely the MIM. Don't forget the Squier Classic Vibe series too, they're outstanding.
  20. wazuwiop

    wazuwiop New Member

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    I tried a Classic Vibe butterscotch the other day and it was pretty good.

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