Gitano Guitars?

Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by TheHawkdaddy, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. TheHawkdaddy

    TheHawkdaddy New Member

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    I was looking for a SG copy the other day when I stumbled upon this


    Has anybody played or heard about these guitars?
    Because they are giving me a boner.



  2. mark_morton

    mark_morton Well-Known Member

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    I was looking at them last week :x:
  3. PsychoCid

    PsychoCid Well-Known Member

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    Well, they know how to take a better picture than Rondo... ;)
  4. Overt1

    Overt1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

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    I don't like the inline headstock for the acoustic. And that SG is hot.
  5. lightwav1550

    lightwav1550 New Member

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    Figured I take a shot when I saw that last week, and that SG is on its way to me. Should be here monday.I'll let you know
  6. YeahDoIt

    YeahDoIt New Member

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    I don't find a Gitano Guitar web site.

    Beautiful looking guitars.
  7. Perfect Stranger

    Perfect Stranger Well-Known Member

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    I sure like the looks of them. I see one in my future somewhere...
  8. tonebender

    tonebender Well-Known Member PREMIUM Supporter

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    I was checking out their PRS style guitar on fleabay during my search for an Agile PS. Let us know what you think when yours comes in and some pics please.
  9. Tritone

    Tritone New Member

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  10. Mr. Bill

    Mr. Bill New Member

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    Nice headstock.
  11. 6twang

    6twang New Member

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    I'll be checking more on this when i get home. Those are some beautiful pics. How are they priced and where would these be found? Link please.
  12. jhdvorsky

    jhdvorsky New Member

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    looks like here:
  13. adad

    adad Well-Known Member

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    I was watching this PRS style auction. Not sure about it though.
  14. bluesking55

    bluesking55 Well-Known Member

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    wondwer what the necks feel like?
  15. slowhand84

    slowhand84 Well-Known Member

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    Ebay feedback looks great...99.8% and all pretty much positive reviews of the guitars.
  16. 6twang

    6twang New Member

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    They have some interesting acoustics too. Check this out.
  17. ECruz

    ECruz Well-Known Member

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    What makes me scratch my head about these "under the radar" guitar companies is that they all offer Strat and Superstrat clones, LP-SG clones, PRS 's etc etc, y'know, the well known models, they're this close to getting a Cease and Desist from any of these companies, so i say, why not go all the way and make models of other well known popular styles? I appreciate all of these brands that offer affordable insert body shape here-style guitars but almost all of them use the same models!

    A personal favorite of mine is the Explorer, yet 99% of these affordable brands ive come across dont make one (and those that do are not that great). It's not like all of a sudden they say "there are too many Exporers in the market" Im sure im not alone in thinking this way.
    Im sure we all have personal favorites that these brands dont make, that are quite popular but they just dont make 'em. I wonder why that is? Limitations from the overseas factories? I dont think so, we've all seen those chinese counterfeits that cosmetically are spot on. And again, it cant be because they're afraid they'll get sued.

    Mini rant over :p
  18. theylive716

    theylive716 New Member

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    i wouldn't say no to that!!! what a looker!
  19. tvvoodoo

    tvvoodoo Well-Known Member Dealer

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    I saw that when I was trying to expel my sg gas - also the Davison line deserves a second look, too.

    I ended up going with a used epi instead though. I look forward to your account of what you got
  20. kjhartj

    kjhartj New Member

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    That is a nice 335.

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